Submission Manual

Atomic coordinates and assigned chemical shift data of your biological molecules can be deposited to PDB and BMRB via ADIT-NMR.
Please see BMRB Aims and Policies for more information.

The procedure of the deposition is as follows.

Step 1: Preparation for Data Deposition

Step 2: Creation of an ADIT-NMR Session

Step 3: Upload of Deposition Data Files

Step 4: Entering Relevant Data

Step 5: Preview and Deposition of your Entry

Step 6: Receive a report from BMRB/PDB

Step 7: Hold and Release of your Entry

Help for Data Conversion

Table Generator and STARch file converter are particularly useful. (Note: Preparation Method of Chemical Shift)

BMRB provides summarized page of tools.
* NMR Spectroscopists' Corner
* Validation Tools

Following lists are available:
* Proton nomenclature for proteins and nucleic acids
* Correlation of hydrogen atom naming systems, including diastereotopic protons.
* Correlation of hydrogen pseudo atom naming systems
* BMRB reference information

Help for Deposition

There is a link to an example and a help description associated with each entry field. This will show up on clicking "?".
Though there is help available for most of the entry fields, there are still quite a few that don't have it.
If you have any questions, please contact us using left green "Feedback" tab.