Step 2: Creation of an ADIT-NMR Session

This is the first page you see when you go to ADIT-NMR.

The introductory page has three options for starting an editing session: "Begin" a new session*1, "Continue Session" from one you've already started, and create a "New Session" from a session that you've already finished and deposited*2. The latter two choices require a Restart ID, which can only be obtained by starting a new session.

*1When you click "Begin", a page of Entry Interview for "Begin" appears.

It is divided into three frames. The top frame contains links to the PDB, BMRB, the deposition home page, and a preview page. Pressing the "Help" button at the top of the page will load a quick reference into the main frame.

The main frame is the first Entry Interview, where you have to choose either "PDB" or "BMRB". Depositors of biomacromolecule structures to PDB are strongly encouraged to deposit their NMR data to BMRB after PDB deposition.

ADIT-NMR assigns you a Restart ID that consists of a combination of your computer's network identity and a unique identification number. This Restart ID will appear on your browser's title bar. There is a "copy and pastable" Restart ID on the "Help" page and on the "Entering Data" page.

Once you have a Restart ID, you can use it to recall that session at any time in the future as long as the session hasn't been deposited. This allows you to begin a session, quit at any time, and come back to it in the future. You can leave the site or close the browser at any time. As long as you have saved the Restart ID, you can get back to it.

If you've lost your Restart ID, please let us know using left green "Feedback" tab.

*2If you've already deposited a session but have additional data to add to it, or need to make changes in existing data, you can use the third deposition option and create a new session from your previous session with the Restart ID. This is also convenient if your group needs to make multiple depositions that have common information - author names, for instance.

The next page is the main "Entry Interview".

Here, you have to choose the categories of the information you are going to submit.