Step 3: Upload of Deposition Data Files

This is what you will see when you go to the "The File Upload page". Press the "Browse" button to search for the desired file on your computer and then press the "Upload" button to upload it.

BMRB uses the Self-defining Text Archival and Retrieval (STAR) format (developed by Hall and Spadiaccini) for all NMR data stored there. There are tools on the BMRB website to help you format your data in this format. In particular, STARch will convert data files between several common NMR data formats and the STAR format.
Note: Preparation Method of Chemical Shift

It is not absolutely necessary to have your data in NMR-STAR format before you deposit it, but it is very helpful.

For the data deposition to PDB, the "Atomic Coordinate file(s)" and "Constraint file(s)" are required. In order to check the file format, atomic collision, bond lengths, and bond angles, please click the "Precheck Coordinates" and "Validate Coordinates" buttons after uploading your files.