Step 4: Entering Relevant Data

This is what you will see on the "Relevant Data" page. The frame on the left-hand side of the page contains a list of the data categories that are relevant to your entry.

"View Mode" on the top of the left frame switches the entry screen between for BMRB deposition and for PDB deposition.

Any category that contains mandatory fields that must be filled out in order to complete the entry is marked with a red exclamation point (!). When all mandatory fields in a particular category are completed, the red exclamation point is replaced by a green check mark.

In the main frame, a mandatory data field within any given category will have a red asterisk (*). There is also question mark "?" hypertext link. This will display an explanation for the input item and an example by a PopUp window.

There is a link to an example and a help description associated with each entry field. This will show up on clicking "?".
Though there is help available for most of the entry fields, there are still quite a few that don't have it.
If you have any questions, please contact BMRB Help Desk.

If there is a data field that you feel is important but is not clearly explained, please let us know. (Contact BMRB Help Desk)

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