xsd2pgschema is a Java application suite, which converts XML Schema 1.1 to PostgreSQL DDL and supports XML data migration into PostgreSQL based on the XML Schema without defects on information content. It also supports full-text indexing via either Apache Lucene or Sphinx Search. File convesion from XML to CSV, TSV, or JSON is possible as well as mapping XML Schema to JSON Schema.
Obtained PostgreSQL database can be optimized at user's discletion. Moreover, differential upate, and XPath query evaluation over PostgreSQL are possible.
PgSchema server, serialized PostgreSQL data model server, can be used to speed up the analysis of complex XML Schema.
Large XML file can be split through xmlsplitter, a flexible XML splitter based on XPath and StAX.

Build from source code

% git clone git://git.code.sf.net/p/xsd2pgschema/code xsd2pgschema-code
% cd xsd2pgschema-code
% mvn package

SCM site in software development

  1. SourceForge - xsd2pgschema
  2. Maven Repository - xsd2pgschema